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Products & Manufacturers


A partnership that’s bigger than business.

TransAmerican and Haworth have worked together for more than 30 years. It’s more than just a business relationship; it’s a true partnership. A lot of people like to throw that word around: partnership. But we take it very seriously. To us, it means sharing each other’s values, caring for each other’s customers, and being able to count on one another for resources and support. A true partnership is bigger than business. It’s a meaningful relationship built on responsibility, cooperation, mutual empathy and caring. When it comes down to it, partnership means family.


A Preferred Haworth dealer.

As a preferred Haworth dealer with such a tenured partnership, we’re able to provide resources, services and discounting that no one else can. With one of the largest comprehensive showrooms in the area — and THE largest Haworth showroom in Philadelphia — you can walk in and browse extensively through product in our very own functioning space. Our staff has the unmatched product knowledge and design expertise to transform your needs into solutions.

The proof is on our shelf. Correction: shelves.

Over our long relationship, Haworth has honored us with a variety of awards for distinction in categories such as design craft, customer satisfaction, operational excellence and more. This means everything to us.

Haworth Idea Starters.

Do you have a vision for your space? Interested in design and the latest trends? What is an organic workspace? Get the creativity flowing with the Haworth Idea Starters Tool.

Have a question? Looking for ergonomic office furniture? How about computer workstations and office lighting? We’ve got you covered! Our consultants are here to help in any way you need.