Ambler, PA

Project Overview

Berkadia completed a major relocation of their space in 2015 and TransAmerican was selected to furnish the space including 329 workstations, 21 private offices and all seating and ancillary items.  This innovative space is a great example of a workplace culture shift with most individuals moving from private offices or high panels into an open, collaborative environment.  

The project was installed over eight weeks and completed on schedule. As a result of the successful project Berkadia signed a long term agreement with TransAmerican & Haworth to provide and manage furniture solutions for all of their locations across the US.

Architect: Meyer Architecture & Interiors

Photographer: Jeffrey Totaro

Product provided by transamerican

Workstations - Haworth Compose + Haworth Zody

Collaborative Tables - Haworth Hoop + Haworth Planes

Collaborative Seating - Leland Quarry (cubes) + Stylex All Around (stools) + Haworth ToDo (lounge with tablets)

Breakroom: Davis Veer (tables) + Davis Fina (chairs) + ERG Samba (stools)

Training Room - Haworth Planes Training + Haworth X99

Offices - Haworth Masters